welcome to the
HUM4N Catalyst bootcamp

Join us as we empower you personally and professionally to build happier, healthier, smarter and kinder lives.

12 weeks that will take you
from pain to plan.

Have you ever felt close to burnout?

Been lonely at the top?

Lost touch with your why?

Feel like no one else gets it?

The team members you support, your family that don’t always have an entrepreneurial or leadership outlook…  The endless demands and decisions at home and at work and yet there you are, feeling guilty for taking some time for yourself! 

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could find your tribe of people who know what it’s like to own, run or lead a business. The type of people that take risks and double down on building that dream? That get the pressure, challenges and frustrations because they are in it! 

A community that you can turn to when you need that pep talk, encouragement or just someone that sees the view from your vantage point. 

Wouldn’t that be catalyst for positive change in your life?

Join an inviting and
supportive community

With social media comparisons, digitally enhanced photos and LinkedIn profiles that mention all of our strengths and none of our weaknesses, it’s never been harder to hold our hands up and say I’m lost, I’m stuck, I don’t know who I am or where I’m heading…

The inner critic, self-doubt and frustration kick in and now the price you’re paying is costing you your happiness. The focus on your health is at best distracted, you stop investing in getting smarter, and feeling competent has become little more than a pipe dream. As for giving back… with your time and energy zapped, giving anymore to anyone, feels like an impossibility!

But what if there was a community of business leaders that embraced this challenge, forged connectivity and supported each other to grow and develop!?

What started as a few brave individuals has now given birth to a fresh movement…

Welcome to HUM4N CATALYST!

What started as a few brave individuals has now given
birth to a fresh movement.

today we are giving you an opportunity to help you
bring some alignment to your assignment.

What started as a few brave individuals has now given birth to a fresh movement.

today we are giving you an opportunity to help you bring some alignment to your assignment.

Who is it for?

Are you ready to be happier, healthier, smarter and kinder?

If yes, HUM4N CATALYST is for you!

Whether you’re a jaded start up, an under pressure scale up, a frustrated leader or simply a human wanting to build a better life; we have the tools to not only make you feel more human, but to ensure that what gives your life meaning has some momentum.

This community supports you to reclaim what you lost on the journey and be the best version of you. Happier, Healthier, Smarter and Kinder.

What is included?

  • 3 x full days (over 8 weeks) starting at our exclusive venue powered by Lexus Bristol
  • 3 online group coaching sessions with other HUM4N Catalysts.
  • 1 X Empower Your Health Challenge Journal (which underpins the 12-week development programme)
  • Free copy of The Crisis Catalyst by Amazon no.1 bestselling author and Co-Founder of HUM4NS – Darrell Irwin
  • Slot on The Purpose People Podcast 
  • HUM4NS T-Shirt

Our first HUM4N CATALYST BOOTCAMP is powered by Lexus Bristol and will commence at Lexus Bristol’s HQ – First Field Way, Patchway, Bristol BS34 5TN

12 weeks, 3 full days.
think - feel - do

Each day gets you ready to be your own catalyst for change.

Having positively impacted hundreds (if not thousands) of lives to date, we genuinely believe in making a positive difference in the world around us and helping others to become happier, healthier, smarter and kinder, which is why we’ve taken the decision to launch HUM4N CATALYST for the introductory price of just £499.00 (valued at £2499).

Alongside other like-hearted humans, this 12-week development programme will enable you to reconnect to who you are in order to live life on your terms – impacting yourself, your business, your family and society as a result. 

Now is your time to become HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, SMARTER AND KINDER!

think - Become aware

Thursday 18th MaY 2023

  • Gameplan Deep Dive
  • Journal Methodology
  • Mindset Mastery

feel - understand

Thursday 15th June 2023:

  • Reflections and Review
  • HeartSet

do - take action

Thursday 13th july 2023:

  • Reflections and Review 
  • HUM4N Habits

  • Crisis Catalyst

about us:

Recognised by Enterprise Nation as the Top People (HR & Wellbeing) Advisors in the UK, HUM4NS began life as a series of talks among entrepreneurs, providing them with a platform to step out from behind ‘what they do’ and venture into the ‘who I am, what holds me back and how I moved forward’. This platform created an opportunity for ordinary people to share Honest, Uplifting, Motivational, Aspirational, Nourishment for the Soul, inspiring others to take action and build towards achieving their own dreams.

Since formally launching in November 2021, we’ve been on an incredible journey, working with organisations like NatWest and the University of the West of England, being shortlisted for awards at both the National Start Up Awards and Great British Entrepreneur Awards and launching a range of products and services which are genuinely making a positive difference in the lives of others.

We look forward to welcoming you to our incredible community and wish you all the courage on your journey to become happier, healthier, smarter and kinder.