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Be The Catalyst that Leads Change

Be The Catalyst that Leads Change

Why wait for the change, when you can be the catalyst that leads it…

After a challenging couple of years for us all, it brings Darrell Irwin and I huge pleasure to announce the upcoming launch of HUM4NS – designed to make the world happier, healthier, smarter and kinder.

Our mission is simple: to help humans discover the art of the possible and flourish on an individual, community and global level. 

At its core, HUM4NS is a personal and professional

development tool that takes both human and organisational behaviour and culture from theory and knowledge to action and habit, utilizing our challenge journals alongside our innovative

4Cs approach: Consciousness, Comprehension, Contemplation, Clarity.

Having been founded amidst a global pandemic, we’re ready to expand into a brave new world where we not only talk about the challenges faced, but are on the path to becoming a solution to the change we want to see, and in doing so, supporting many others to do the same.  

So how can you become a catalyst for change?

1)   Join HUM4N CATALYST – A community of leaders committed to developing themselves as individuals and striving to build organisations that put people first, developing talent and enhancing culture as a result. The first crop of HUM4N CATALYST members will contribute to achieving our goal of 3000 acts of kindness between now and January 2022, showing that they don’t just talk the talk, but they are ready to walk the walk.

2)   Sign yourself or your team up for one of our 4C packages which each include our HUMANS CHALLENGE JOURNALS – Delivered quarterly over a 12-month period, our challenge journals will help your team live happier, healthier, smarter and kinder lives, contributing to better wellbeing, better collaboration and a happier work/home environment.

HUM4N CATALYST is now open for business with our 4C packages following in the coming weeks. If you’re ready to #behumankind, please get in touch for more info…

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