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Join a community of business leaders committed to developing themselves as individuals and striving to build organisations that put people first, developing talent and enhancing culture as a result. HUM4NBEINGS is the movement to be the difference and build a community of people who believe that there is a better way, despite what life or business might have thrown at them. This is an annual membership.



Our HUM4NBEINGS Community meets twice per month, once virtually for our group mastermind sessions and once physically for our HUM4N Talks/Community networking in Bristol.

Join now for just £660* for 12 months membership:

  • Access monthly mastermind groups between Jan-Nov (virtual)
  • Access monthly HUM4NS talks/community networking between Jan-Nov

* The cost is the equivalent to just £165 per quarter. Experience suggests that committing financially can increase motivation and likelihood of attendance and therefore contribute to overall success; so, we’d encourage you to pay in full from day one. If for any reason this isn’t possible, please get in touch and we can arrange to bill on a quarterly basis.

  • For the ultimate HUM4NS development journey, pair with HUM4NS CATALYST+ to access 1:1 leadership coaching with one of our co-founders