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HUM4NBEINGS is a community of incredible leaders who come together to support, share and encourage each other to grow both personally and professionally. Stepping out from behind ‘what’ they do, this community step into ‘who’ they are and what holds them back, providing a safe space to talk about challenges.

A community that isn’t just about knowledge acquisition, but about knowledge application, where we learn from, with, and alongside some brilliant minds, but perhaps more importantly, some incredible people.

Whilst other networks/communities often focus on gaining new business, we focus on self-awareness, self-development and promoting a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to developing themselves safe in the knowledge that better leaders, develop better businesses.

The HUM4NBEINGS Community is underpinned by 10 Founding Members who between us, positively empower the following:

  • Menopause Awareness – Female Empowerment
  • Disability and Special Educational Needs
  • Sustainability and Reuse
  • Food and ethical farming
  • Storytelling and words
  • Finding your purpose – purpose led branding and marketing
  • Education – unlocking the power of vision, mission and values
  • Sports and Health
  • Human potential and growth mindset
  • Wellbeing – raising awareness of loneliness

Whilst you don’t need to be a purpose-led leader to join HUM4NBEINGS, you do need to be ready to be Brave, Empowering, Inspiring, Nurturing and Giving (or a HUM4NBEING as we call it), not just for yourself, but for the benefit of your team and the wider community.

If you’re ready to be HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, SMARTER and KINDER – HUM4NBEINGS is for you! 



There may be a lot wrong in the world, but there is also a lot right about it too!

Mental health, wellbeing, physical health, mindset, culture, belonging and a host of other challenges that were prevalent pre-pandemic have unfortunately been amplified and now we as business leaders have a choice to make. Do we wait for the change and hope that things get better, or do we take it upon ourselves to be the catalyst for change

In 2021, with the world ‘locked down’ our co-founders ‘locked-in’ on their commitment to bring HUM4NS to life, setting upon a path to becoming the change we long to see. Our first step is to build a community of people who believe that there is a better way to do life and business despite what the past few years may have thrown at them.

The line between home and work has never been more blurred than it is right now and with mental health challenges on the rise, it’s time for us to approach business and leadership in a new way. It’s time for us to put humans first, leading with empathy, encouragement, kindness and emotional intelligence. It’s time to build people up, rather than breaking them down! It’s time to build businesses that proactively seek to help the world around them to become HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, SMARTER and KINDER.

It’s time to #behum4nkind

Our HUM4NBEINGS Community meets twice per month, once virtually for our group mastermind sessions and once physically for our HUM4N Talks/Community networking in Bristol. 

Join now for just £660* for 2023/24  annual membership:

  • Access monthly mastermind groups between  Jan-Nov (virtual)
  • Access monthly HUM4NS talks/community networking between Jan-Nov (physical where Covid-19 restrictions allow)
  • No joining fee for your first 12 months (worth £150) if you join on or before 25th May 2023

* The cost is the equivalent to just £165 per quarter. Experience suggests that committing financially can increase motivation and likelihood of attendance and therefore contribute to overall success; so, we’d encourage you to pay in full from day one. If for any reason this isn’t possible, please get in touch and we can arrange to bill on a quarterly basis. 

  • For the ultimate HUM4NS development journey, pair with HUM4NS CATALYST+ to access 1:1 leadership coaching with one of our co-founders

Designed to help you to grow as an individual, overcome personal barriers, develop as a leader and embed actionable culture change within your organisation, starting from the top down.

1:1 Leadership coaching 

>Personalised HUM4NS review helping you to build a happier, healthier, smarter and kinder life

>HUM4NS insights into developing a people-oriented culture and getting the best out of yourself and your team

Benefits of being a HUM4N


>Be at the forefront of building a positive and vibrant business community

>Join a community of incredible HUM4NS and become a catalyst for positive change.

>Access a clear development plan that doesn’t just focus on the acquisition of more knowledge, but supports you to proactively apply it.

>Access personal and professional development tools that help you to become happier, healthier, smarter and kinder

>Develop as a leader and increase clarity of how to build a positive organisational culture

>Enhance your community, meet new and interesting people, improve your social connections and make new friends


>Part of a business that proactively encourages development, kindness and positive working culture.

>Access to a structured learning programme that supports them to become happier, healthier, smarter and kinder

>Access a 12-month development programme which includes 4x challenge journals which utilize our innovative 4C’s approach – Catalyst, Comprehension, Contemplation, Clarity. Helping each individual to build the habits and awareness to live a more content life at work and home.

>Opportunities to develop their skills, communities and knowledge through workshops

>Develop skills and knowledge that encourage collaboration, team ethic and camaraderie


>Increased employee engagement

>Increased employee wellbeing

>Increased staff retention

>Reduced staff absence

>Increased productivity

>Increased staff development

>Enhanced culture

>Increased profitability

>Increased employee happiness

>Clearer understanding of personal goals and ambitions

>Structure for improved professional development conversations

If you’ve taken the decision to become a catalyst for change by joining HUMANBEINGS and developing yourself as both an individual and a leader, you can achieve lasting culture change, by bringing your team on the journey with you with our dedicated teams programmes.

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