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EMPOWER YOUR HEALTH is the first in our series of Challenge Journals.

Focusing on both personal and professional development, EMPOWER YOUR HEALTH utilizes our 4C’s – Consciousness, Comprehension, Contemplation and Clarity, to help you to track your habits, develop self-awareness, reflect on your progress and identify goals to move forward. When blended with our challenges, our journals help you move towards achieving your goals.

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Built on the shoulders (ideas/principles) of theorists like Abraham Maslow, Entrepreneurs such as Joe Vitali and research conducted by organisations such as the Happiness Institute; HUM4NS takes human behavior from theory and knowledge to action and habit utilizing our 4C’s approach – Consciousness, Comprehension, Contemplation and Clarity. With our series of Challenge Journals that help you to develop better habits alongside completing challenges that get you moving in the right direction, we cover four areas that we believe will help you to make the biggest positive impact in your life. These are Self-development, Health, Relationships and Giving. Our Challenge Journals aim to empower you to be better, feel better and embrace the journey we call life, with more awareness, focus and drive.

Each Challenge Journal contains:

  • 3 month undated calendar (15 weeks)
  • Daily HUM4NS Habit check-in and space to track your own habits
  • Monthly reflection and goal setting
  • Daily planner including space for to-do lists, wins, gratitude and ideas
  • 16 themed challenges which give you clear goals that move you forwards