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Thank you for visiting the HUM4NS store. 

HUM4NS is designed to make it simple and easy to order the tools you need to transform yourself, your teams, and your business, but if you’d like to talk to one of our own humans before placing your order, please use the contact form. 

We look forward to supporting you on your quest to live a happier, healthier, smarter and kinder life. 

our hum4ns apparel is now
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HUM4NS isn’t what we do, it’s who we are! 

Everyday people trying to do better, live better and be better. Wearing HUM4NS is about showing the world that you’re ready to be happier, healthier, smarter and kinder. That you’re working on you! 

HUM4NS is an identity and movement for positive change that teaches us to #behum4nkind to ourselves and others.

Discover a wide range of HUM4NS branded clothing and help share the message.


EMPOWER YOUR HEALTH is the first in our series of Challenge Journals.

Focusing on both personal and professional development, EMPOWER YOUR HEALTH utilizes our 4C’s – Consciousness, Comprehension, Contemplation and Clarity, to help you to track your habits, develop self-awareness, reflect on your progress and identify goals to move forward. When blended with our challenges, our journals help you move towards achieving your goals.

Products & Merchandise

Products & Merchandise