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Built on the shoulders (ideas/principles) of theorists like Abraham Maslow, Entrepreneurs such as Joe Vitali and research conducted by organisations such as the Happiness Institute; HUM4NS at its core, is a personal and professional development tool that takes both human and organisational behaviour and culture from theory and knowledge, to action and habit. Utilizing our Challenge Journals and our innovative 4Cs approach: Consciousness, Comprehension, Contemplation, Clarity – to help you and your team to become happier, healthier, smarter and kinder.

Deployed quarterly as part of a 12-month development programme, our Challenge Journals cover four areas of life that we believe have the most profound impact on building happier, more engaged employees – self-development, health, relationships and giving. 

Our Challenge Journals not only empower you to be better, feel better and embrace the journey we call life, they provide a structure and framework for positive performance management, wellbeing development and stimulate positive organisational culture change.

Each Challenge Journal contains:

  • 3-month undated calendar (15 weeks)
  • Daily HUM4NS Habit check-in and space to track your own habits
  • Monthly reflection and goal setting
  • Daily planner including space for to-do lists, wins, gratitude and ideas
  • 16 themed challenges which give you clear goals that move you forwards


Whilst traditional wellbeing interventions like seminars, workshops and webinars are great, they never quite leave the lasting impact that we’re hoping for. Our employees resonate with the content and have a positive buzz that lasts a week or two, but once the initial enthusiasm subsides, they often find themselves back at square one. HUM4NS focuses not just on the acquisition of knowledge, but on the application of it! Utilising elements of positive psychology, cognitive behaviour therapy and NHS guidelines embedded within our Challenge Journals, HUM4NS proactively supports lasting habit change. Habit driven at the front, action driven at the back, our Challenge Journals take you from knowing, to understanding, reflecting and doing!

Buy direct from our online shop or contact us for more information. 

Designed to get you started and help you uncover, develop and improve habits that promote happiness. Our Challenge Journals provide an action-oriented approach to self-development helping you to live a happier, healthier, smarter and kinder life. The daily habits promote self-awareness and encourage positive action, serving as the catalyst for change.



Designed to help you take awareness from knowing ‘what’, to understanding ‘why’. Our virtual workshops provide structured learning and discussion to help you comprehend the HUM4NS approach on a deeper level.


  • Full consciousness package plus
  • 4 x virtual workshops alongside other businesses to introduce each challenge topic
  • Workshops support your team to gain a deeper understanding of how to live a healthier, happier, smarter and kinder life.

Designed to help you stay on track by providing an opportunity to reflect, discuss, identify barriers and move forward. Our face-to-face workshops utilise a three stage approach of: topic introduction, self-understanding & peer-to-peer discussion (which aides understanding) and self-development. 


  • Full consciousness package plus:
  • 4x Physical workshops  delivered on your premises directly to your team (in-line with Covid-19 guidelines). These workshops provide additional opportunity for Q&A, collaborative tasks and deeper understanding of the core HUM4NS principles.

CLARITY 4 ALL – Designed to support culture change from the top down, the bottom up and from everywhere in between. We’ll put you firmly on the path to being a truly people-centric business where humans are appreciated, applauded and valued.

A full organisation wide package that includes consultancy/culture review, leadership coaching and our HUM4NS CONTEMPLATION package which includes physical workshops and our Challenge Journals for the whole team.

Benefits of investing in hum4ns

For your Team

>Part of a business that proactively encourages self-development

>Develop a positive working culture and stimulate increased kindness and understanding.

Access a structured learning programme that supports people to become happier, healthier, smarter and kinder

>4x Challenge Journals covering self-development, health, relationships and giving which utilize our innovative 4C’s approach – Consciousness, Comprehension, Contemplation, Clarity.

>Support your team to build the habits and awareness to live a more content life at work and home.

>Opportunities to develop skills, communities and knowledge through workshops

>Create a values based culture where the team focuses on positive impact

For your Business

Contribute to:

>Increased employee engagement

>Increased employee wellbeing

>Increased staff retention

>Reduced staff absence

>Increased productivity

>Increased staff development

>Enhanced culture

>Increased profitability

>Increased employee happiness

>Better professional development conversations

>Strong reputation that gives your company visibility in the market place

>Giant strides towards a company known for impact not just income

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